Thursday, December 6, 2012

Senior Games

Who is to say that age can determine greatness. No one. No one is to say this. Because elderly people can achieve just as much greatness as any young entrepreneur, if not more—they just have to put their minds to it. If anything, elderly are the toughest of us all. They have endured experiences that we could not even imagine. They have had children, and watched their children have children, and been in wars, and maybe even had some surgery. Or maybe a lot of surgery, all over their body. No matter the amount of surgery they have had, they’ve been through a lot. But if they’ve had more surgery than usual, they have been through even more than the usual elderly person. And some of these guys have a lot of surgery.
The point is, just because elderly people might be a little wrinkled, we don’t all have to see them as weak and incapable. This is why, in San Antonio Texas, they hold the Senior Games every year to encourage and promote the fitness and healthy lifestyle of people in their old age. These games were first held in 1990 with 525 athletes participating, however last year, this number reached an all-time high of 1,200, who participate in over 24 individual sporting events—each athlete must participate in at least 3 events. Some events include:
·         Scrabble
·         Archery
·         Badminton
·         Bowling
·         Biking
·         Golf
·         Pickleball
·         Horseshoes
·         Road Races
·         Shuffleboard
·         Swimming
·         Table Tennis
·         Tennis
·         Triathalon
·         Volleyball
What are your feelings about these senior games? Would you, as a blogger, sign yourself up for the senior games when you become elderly? How do you feel about elderly people feeling victorious and successful?  

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Zach Moruzzi said...

good for them getting some exersize, and enjoying the rest of their lives.